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Māori participation and leadership

A key opportunity identified for ESI workforce planning is the fast-growing and under-utilised pool of Māori talent. The challenge is for companies to cast aside business as usual, and adopt new practices that are effective in recruiting, welcoming, retaining, and scaffolding Māori.
— Attracting Māori
— Training Māori
— Changing the ways companies do things
  • Limited knowledge of the electricity sector.

  • Sustainability.

  • High job satisfaction and boundless potential.

  • Māori student cohorts.

  • Most Māori males successfully complete apprenticeships.

  • Lack of work experience and apprenticeship opportunities.

  • Companies are keen to hire more Māori.

  • Companies are keen to hire more women.

  • Moving to bicultural workplaces.

  • Tikanga Māori has an important role in the workplace.

  • Community partnerships.

  • We can learn from other industries.


Inspire Māori to enter the industry and thrive within it.

Increase visibility and actively promote careers in the sector to engage and excite Māori, and transition company culture to welcome Māori and women into the industry. Partner with MPTT consortia and conduct further research to better understand training pathways for Māori.

Build partnerships.

Prioritise developing relationships with Māori businesses and Māori communities by partnering with iwi and embedding Te Tiriti o Waitangi across ESI organisations.

Develop Cultural Leadership.

Establish company training programmes to scaffold Māori into industry leadership roles, and to grow non-Māori cultural capability. Partner with an industry caucus of Māori leaders.

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