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The value of ESI careers, and the concept of what the ESI is, remains largely invisible to those on the outside, and may not be as appealing (or as well understood) to younger workers. The industry could do much more to leverage authentic messaging around sustainability, flexible job security, community focus and outdoor lifestyles.
  • An invisible industry

  • Sustainability

  • Shifting stereotypes

  • Short-term vs. long-term

  • Targeting tourism: life-long employment


Build a platform for industry discovery.

Make it easy for people interested in joining the industry to take the first step. Set the right expectations by matching individual potential with industry opportunities via a single, intuitive entry route.

Develop community-focused campaigns.

Attract and retain local talent by leveraging the industry’s unique ability to support, interact and partner with communities.

Raise the profile

Attract both young starters, and career changers, by leveraging authentic value propositions around sustainability, lifetime employment and community care. Build role models that show young people the value and potential of ESI careers.

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