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The prospect of a narrow, life-long career pathway is no longer appealing to younger generations and new entrants, yet avenues within the industry are either broken, hidden or challenging to access. We found that family and other personal connections are still the most common entry into the ESI workforce.
  • Pathways from school

  • Apprenticeship pathways

  • Navigating pathways

  • Guiding pathways and retention

  • Family matters

  • Community connections

  • Working Abroad


Highlight careers and pathways.

Make it easy for school careers advisors, job seekers, employees and trainers to understand potential careers and pathways via a sector-wide visual representation of all pathways available.

Build interoperable standards and competencies.

Build an adaptable workforce by enabling employees to transfer across roles within the industry. Create a standardised mapping of transferable skills, and a core foundation of competency recognised by the whole industry.

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